Below you can download material from all steps. On the left are samples of the manuals and workbooks. They give a brief idea of the content. In the right-hand column are examples of the reminders of those workbooks of which an international version has already appeared (the reminders are not included in these books).
Downloading differs per browser and operating system. You can click on the file name and download and save the file. After a right click on the file name, other possibilities are indicated.

Step 1
 Manual for chess trainers Step 1
 Step 1
 Step 1 extra  Step 1 extra
 Step 1 plus
 Step 1 mix
Step 2
 Manual for chess trainers Step 2
 Step 2
 Step 2 extra  Step 2 extra
 Step 2 plus
 Step 2 mix
Step 3
 Manual for chess trainers Step 3
 Step 3  Step 3
 Step 3 extra
 Step 3 plus
 Step 3 mix
Step 4
 Manual for chess trainers Step 4
 Step 4  Step 4
 Step 4 extra  Step 4 extra
 Step 4 plus  Step 4 plus
 Step 4 mix
Step 5
 Manual for chess trainers Step 5
 Step 5
 Step 5 extra  Step 5 extra
 Step 5 plus  Step 5 plus
 Step 5 mix
Step 6
 Manual for independent learners Step 6
 Step 6  Step 6
 Step 6 extra