Frequently Asked Questions

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How long shall I be busy teaching step one?

As long as possible. The ability to solve the exercises and getting the certificate not always correspond to the playing skills. Only then when the student can use the material in his games regularly, the following step can be introduced. It is no use to teach Step 2 to children who in their own games fail to catch the unprotected pieces of their opponents. In the manual step 1 you can read the following: The basic material seems to be simple and some trainers manage to complete step 1 within 3 months. That is not the best approach. Essential chess skills such as giving mate require a long learning period. It is better to devote at least a year to the first step to master the basic skills very well (there are always exceptions). The lost time can be easily recovered later.

When will the English version be ready?

Workbook Step 1, 2 and 3 extra and Step 1, 2 and 3 plus are available. The other Plus and Extra workbooks will appear one by one. Step 4 extra and plus is scheduled for Spring 2013.