Chess Tutor

The Chess Tutor is a Windows program for the learning of chess, based on the Step method by Brunia/van Wijgerden. It brings a new dimension to the learning of chess: it has solid pedagogical foundations, it is effective and fun. It constitutes the ideal starting point for children (8 years and older) and adults of all ages, a fact which has already been confirmed many thousands of times.

The Chess Tutor runs on all computers with Windows XP up to Windows 10 and is suitable for children from 8 years and all adults.

Chess Tutor Step 1

In the first step, the elementary knowledge is acquired which every successful chess player needs. The early stages of the program thus present easily comprehensible steps and exercises, which are immediately assimilated through play. In addition, in the Chess Tutor the Stappenmethode is complemented by a lot of new activities for learning and practice. None of the chess positions and the practice exercises in the program have yet been published, meaning that even those who know the books of the Stepsmethod will be able to discover much that is new to them.
Step 1 contains 23 lessons, 1800 exercises and 66 games.
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Chess Tutor Step 2

The second step is about the basic rules of tactics and positional play. You will learn many attacking patterns and techniques to win material.
Step 2 contains 21 lessons, 1960 exercises and 84 games.
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Chess Tutor Step 3

In the third Step you learn about important opening principles and elementary endings. Then comes an introduction to finding a plan and a broadening and deepening of your knowledge of tactics.
Step 3 contains 23 lessons, 2150 exercises and 93 games.
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The most frequently asked question has been: What is the difference between the ´old´ Tasc Chess Tutor and the new Tutor? Here at a glance are some of the most important differences:

You can download a free, restricted version of Chess Tutor Step 1 and 2 and test it without obligation. The demo version contains a limited choice of lessons, games and exercises taken from the full version. The size of the download is approx. 31 MB.

Demo step 1

Demo step 2

Demo step 3

More information (screenshots, developers) you will find on: Chess Tutor