Stap 5

The manual of Step 5 is the last one in the row for group teaching. Unfortunately, the number of students who reach step 5 level is not big. In this step the attention for tactics is less than in the previous steps, nevertheless, tactics remains to play the main part in the games of the students. For step 5 students the positional aspects begin to play more and more important role. The lessons about the pawn structure, the seventh rank, strong square and open file contain many strategic aspects.

Playing according to a plan is important in chess, that is why it is discussed in some lessons about the endgame. They show how important the cooperation of the pieces is and how relative the value of the pieces can be. The lesson 'Defence' pays attention to some aspects which are almost by all the students insufficiently used.

'The fifth step' consists of a manual and workbooks:

Manual for chess trainers Step 5

Workbook Step 5

Workbook Step 5 extra

Workbook Step 5 plus

Workbook Step 5 mix

Download excerpts of each book: Samples

Manual for chess trainers Step 5

Manual for
chess trainers
Step 5

3rd edition 2017
240 pages


Introductory articles about:

The fifth step consists of 16 lessons:
1: Material and time
2: Mate
3: Breakthrough
4: How to use pawns?
5: Pawn race
6: The seventh rank
7: Discovered attack
8: The pin
9: The opening
10: Rook against pawn
11: Strong square
12: Defending
13: Rook ending
14: Attacking the king
15: Open file
16: Draws


Step 5 plus

Furthermore 10 lessons for the plus section:

  1. Activity
  2. Pawn endings
  3. King in the middle
  4. Wrong bishop
  5. Vulnerablity
  6. Queen endings
  7. Defending
  8. The eternal pin
  9. Bishop against pawns
  10. Zugzwang

Workbook Step 5

Step 5

Workbook Step 5
3rd edition 2015
56 pages
with drawings

Next to the exercises there are also reminders in the workbook. These are short recapitulations of the lessons from the manual for the students.

There are 11 reminders:

On the remaining 44 pages there are always 12 exercises a page. That means a total number of 44x12-23 (drawings) = 505 positions.

Have a try? Pawn ending

The topics of the exercises are the same as in the manual.
See Manual for chesstrainers.

Workbook Step 5 extra

Workbook Step 5 extra
2nd edition 2019
112 pages
with drawings

Read more about the Extra books in info.

This workbook is a 4 language version and is now also available for the English market. The workbook now has 112 pages.
In the extra workbook there are 110 pages with exercises, which means 110x12=1320-49 (drawings)= 1271 positions. Additionally, there is one page with breakthrough patterns and a reminder with guidelines to solve the mixed pages.

First of all there are exercises with well known topics from Step 5 as well as some examples from the lower steps on a higher level.

The last 26 pages contain tests.

Test your skills! Test

Workbook Step 5 plus

Workbook Step 5 plus
1st edition 2013
56 pages
with drawings

Read more about the plus books in the info.

The contents of workbook step 5 plus:

More or less new topics:

Elaborating the already introduced material:

Workbook Step 5 mix

Step 5 mix
1st edition 2016
64 pages
with drawings

Read more about the mix books in info.

In the mix workbook are 62 pages with exercises, which means as many as 62x12=648-16 (drawings e.o) = 728 puzzles.

The theme's are known from Step 5, Step 5 plus and the lower Steps. A workbook containing exercises with one ‘simple’ assignment: play the best move. Just like in a real game, you do not know whether you can win or whether you have to defend. First, look at what’s going on? Which targets can you exploit? What is the opponent threatening? Is it time to draw? In short, all kinds of stuff.
Two kinds of puzzles are different: on each page you will find a multiple choice question and a position with a line below the diagram. Only on the last 8 pages there is an indication of the theme: mate in two problems.