The Steps method of Rob Brunia and Cor van Wijgerden has already been existing since 1987.
In the eighties Cor van Wijgerden made many stencils with exercises for the Dutch youth and women top players (he was at that time the national trainer of the Royal Dutch Chess Federation). The demand for this kind of exercises on a lower level was getting bigger and bigger which gave the start to the plan of developing exercises for different levels. Another experienced trainer Rob Brunia was ready to help.
The profound knowledge of chess technical and didactic aspects of both authors resulted in a solid teaching method that fits the development of a child.
In 1987 the first manual and (loose-leaf) stencils appeared. In 1990 the manual Step 5 was published and the teaching method was approximately ready. Since then many adjustments and improvements have been introduced (unfortunately without Rob Brunia who in 1991 has to cease his cooperation because of other activities).

An (incomplete) view of some big and small changes since 1991: